Quantum Proxy Signature Scheme with Discrete Time Quantum Walks and Quantum One-Time Pad CNOT Operation

Yanyan Feng, Qian Zhang, Jinjing Shi, Shuhui Chen, Ronghua Shi
2020 Applied Sciences  
The quantum proxy signature is one of the most significant formalisms in quantum signatures. We put forward a quantum proxy signature scheme using quantum walk-based teleportation and quantum one-time pad CNOT (QOTP-CNOT) operation, which includes four phases, i.e., initializing phase, authorizing phase, signing phase and verifying phase. The QOTP-CNOT is achieved by attaching the CNOT operation upon the QOTP and it is applied to produce the proxy signature state. The quantum walk-based
more » ... walk-based teleportation is employed to transfer the encrypted message copy derived from the binary random sequence from the proxy signer to the verifier, in which the required entangled states do not need to be prepared ahead and they can be automatically generated during quantum walks. Security analysis demonstrates that the presented proxy signature scheme has impossibility of denial from the proxy and original signers, impossibility of forgery from the original signatory and the verifier, and impossibility of repudiation from the verifier. Notably, the discussion shows the complexity of the presented algorithm and that the scheme can be applied in many real scenarios, such as electronic payment and electronic commerce.
doi:10.3390/app10175770 fatcat:4n4zi33itnff3ixbzl2d2kwybu