2022 International Journal of Biology Pharmacy and Allied Sciences  
Puyalasa, one among the Sandhigataroga can be correlates to dacryocystitis based on the symptomatology which includes swelling in inner canthus, which later undergoes suppuration causing thick purulent discharge. Dacryocystitis (Puyalas) is the inflammation of the lacrimal sac. Management of acute dacryocystitis differs based on the stage. In the present case report, a 50-year-old male patient suffered from this disease. He presented with the chief complaints of watering from Right eye for 6
more » ... half months and mild swelling and pain over the lacrimal sac area in Right eye for 7 days. He was treated with Raktamokshana with jalokaavcharana, Triphala Guggulu and Triphaladi Netra Parisheka, along with Vimlapana in lacrimal sac area for 1 month. After 1 month of treatment, the patient got relief from all the complaints. In lacrimal syringing, there was mild obstruction or regurgitation found. On analysis of all the data, it can be concluded that Ayurvedic management with Raktamokshana with jalokaavcharana, Triphaladi Netra Parisheka and Triphala Guggulu along with Vimlapana in the lacrimal sac area offers effective result in the treatment of Puyalasa.
doi:10.31032/ijbpas/2022/11.3.1069 fatcat:tc5vkbyvpzgalm2batoacaoweq