New records of pigmentation disorders in molossid and phyllostomid (Chiroptera) bats from Peru

Carlos Tello, Daniel G. Streicker, Jorge Gomez, Paúl M. Velazco
2014 Mammalia (Paris)  
AbstractPigmentation disorders, either from the complete absence (albinism), partial (leucism), or excess (melanism) of melanin, are rare in vertebrates. Worldwide, only a few records of these disorders had been reported for bats. Thanks to recent fieldwork and examination of museum specimens of the collections of the AMNH and MUSM, we report five species with those conditions in Peru. In this study, we report the first cases of leucism in
doi:10.1515/mammalia-2013-0019 fatcat:bymjsiix2zguhkb5pkddfsdzpy