Divide and conquer: the formation and functional dynamics of the Modern English ing-clause network

2015 English Language and Linguistics  
The present article offers a corpus-based analysis of the diachronic development of the usage profiles of three adverbial non-finite clauses in Modern English: the free adjunct, the verbal gerund and the absolute construction. By treating present-participial adverbial clauses and adverbial gerunds as part of a single adverbialing-clause network, this article sheds new light on the different semantic and functional-pragmatic factors motivating the formal variation within theing-clause network.
more » ... means of two mixed-model logistic regression analyses, we determine the relative impact of the independent variables of adverbial semantics, position, degree of coreference and length on the language user's choice in (i) whether or not to include augmentation (syndesis) and (ii) whether or not to include an overt subject in the adverbialing-clause. The resulting picture is one of an emerging adverbialing-clause network in which the internal variation is determined by principles of processing complexity.
doi:10.1017/s1360674315000258 fatcat:2aa5d5ajprc4reeoulyznh374a