Razão, ciência e pedagogia da emancipação

José Ricardo de Carvalho Mesquita Ayres
1997 Interface: Comunicação, Saúde, Educação  
The cohabitation of an adequate scientific training, or instruction in the domain of the technologies, with reflection, freedom and creativity has not been very easy these days. This brief essay is based on the hypothesis that the prevalent conceptions about the relationships among science, truth and reason are closely related to the difficulty aforementioned and defends the idea that a "communicational" understanding of the scientifictechnologic rationality may bring important subsidies to the
more » ... ethic-philosophical elaboration of the question. Therefore, the Theory of the Communicative Action, by Jürgen Habermas, was used to synthetically discuss the intersubjective character of the construction of speeches, aspiring to be enunciations of truth. Therefore, the three plans Habermas utilizes to situate the intersubjective or rational validation of these speeches were identified. Our conclusion was that a communicational understanding of reason allows us to redefine the challenges of the scientific activities and training, including school education as an emancipation education, or an active concern with the construction of a responsible autonomy for the subjects interacting in the production and application of sciences.
doi:10.1590/s1414-32831997000200007 fatcat:snzobojihfhl5euzabxclbzb6i