Gender aspects of work motivation among oncologists

I G Gataullin, L M Zabirova, I I Gataullin
2017 Kazanskij Medicinskij Žurnal  
Aim. Study of work motivation and job satisfaction factors among oncologists from a gender perspective. Methods. The survey involved 102 physicians-oncologists of the Republic of Tatarstan - 47% men and 53% women. The study included the following methods: observation, questionnaire, interview. Results. Among all corporate factors, the work content (the functions performed, complexity, diversity, responsibility) was highly evaluated by men - 8.26 points (on a 10-point scale), the style and
more » ... the style and methods of leadership in the unit - 7.24 points. The highest score (above 8 points) among female doctors was given to organizational culture, training, labor peer review by colleagues, the style and methods of leadership in the unit, as well as standards, rules, regulations, and their implementation. Job satisfaction indicators among male doctors were generally lower than among women in all 16 occupational characteristics. Among the leading motivators oncologists place work content, positive attitude towards their profession, mission and goals of the clinic. They oppose demotivators such as pay rate, moral motivation, career opportunities and provide an acceptable level of work motivation for doctors. Compensation in the form of an award came out on top among the forms of stimulation both in men and in women. Forms of non-cash stimulation are also quite popular with doctors and are approximately equal in men and women: advanced training in the leading domestic and foreign clinics, payment of sports occupations, days off. Women prefer additional vacation, a praise, acknowledgement from the executive management of the clinic. Men appreciate more position increase, awarding of honorary title and especially provision of larger freedom and powers at work. Conclusion. Gender studies of motivation demonstrated the differences in the attitude towards work, in its most important characteristics, labor values among male and female oncologists.
doi:10.17750/kmj2017-832 fatcat:zlmpgm4flnantm5yrrhpk4zeb4