Contents, Vol. 23, 1993

1993 Pathophysiology of Haemostasis and Thrombosis  
IMo.1 Original Paper Platelet Adhesivity to Subendothelium Is 1 Influenced by Polymorphonuclear Leukocytes: Studies with Spirin and Salicylate Hernandez, R.; Alemany, M.; Bozzo, J.; Buchanan, M.R.; Ordinas, A.; Bastida, E. Effects of Aspirin on Embolization in an Arterial 8 Model of Laser-Induced Thrombus Formation Vesvres, M.H.; Doutremepuich, F.; Lalanne, M.C.; Doutremepuich, Ch. Comparative Plasma Disposition and Anticoagu-13 lant Activities of Racemic Phenprocoumon and Its Metabolites in
more » ... s de Vries, J.X.; Simon, M; Völker, U.; Walter-Sack, I.; Weber, E.; Stegmeier, K. Which Coagulation Factors Interfere with the 19 One-Stage Prothrombin Time? Talstad, I. Development of a Rapid and Sensitive Chromo-26 genie Heparin Assay for Clinical Use Wagenvoord, R.J.; Hendrix, H.H.; Kolde, H.J.; Hemker, H.C. Fibrinolytic Imbalance in Essential Thrombo-38 cythemia: Role of Platelets Bazzan, M.; Tamponi, G.; Gallo, E.; Stella, S.; Schinco, P.C.; Pannocchia, A.; Pileri, A. Oat Husk Fiber Decreases Plasminogen Activa-45 tor Inhibitor Type 1 Activity Sundell, I.B.; Rånby, M. Prothrombin Fragment 1 + 2 and Thrombin-51 Antithrombin Complex Measurements Indicate Continuous and Progressive Intraoperative Thrombin Generation in Liver Transplantation Monteagudo, J.; Reverter, J.C.; Pereira, A.; Pijoan, J.; Balust, J.; Escolar, G.; Mazzara, R.; Taurá, P.; Visa, J.; Ordinas, A.; Castillo, R. Endothelium Releases More von WiUebrand Fac-58 tor and Tissue-Type Plasminogen Activator upon Venous Occlusion in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis than in Normals Tornai, I.; Hársfalvi, J.; Boda, Z.; Udvardy, M.; Pfliegler, G; Rak, K. Cardiac Surgery with Extracorporeal Circulation 65 in Severe Factor VII Deficiency Ferster, A.; Capouet, V.; Deville, A.; Fondu, P.; Corazza, F. An Acquired Cryoglobulinemia Which Inhibits 69 Fibrin Polymerization in a Patient with IgG Kappa Myeloma Panzer, S.; Thaler, E. Announcement 64 III No. 2 No. 3 Original Paper Controlled Vitamin K Content Diet for Improv-77 ing the Management of Poorly Controlled Anti-coagulated Patients: A Clinical Practice Proposal Sorano, G.G.; Biondi, G.; Conti, M.; Mameli, G; Licheri, D.; Marongiu, F. Concentrations of Phenprocoumon in Serum and 83 Serum Water Determined by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography in Patients on Oral Anticoagulant Therapy Petersen, D.; Barthels, M.; Schumann, G.; Büttner, J. Fibrinogen and Fibrin Derivatives in Trauma-91 tized Patients: Relation to Injury Severity and Posttraumatic Pulmonary Dysfunction Sørensen, J.V.; Jensen, H.P.; Rahr, H.B.; Borris, L.C.; Lassen, M.R.; Fedders, O.; Haase, J.P.; Knudsen, F. Cathepsin G Inactivates Human Protein S in 98 vitro Turkington, P.T. Antithrombotic Effect of Argatroban on the Pial 104 Vessels of the Rat: A Study with He-Ne Laser-Induced Thrombus Formation Sasaki, Y.; Morii, S.; Yamashita, T.; Yamamoto, J. Characterization of a Novel Activation-Specific 112 Antiplatelet Monoclonal Antibody Fukuroi, T.; Kawakatsu, T.; Nomura, S.; Hamamoto, K.; Kido, H.; Yamaguchi, K.; Suzuki, M.; Yanabu, M.; Soga, T.; Kokawa, T.; Yasunaga, K. Detection of Plasma Alpha-Granule Membrane 121 Protein GMP-140 Using Radiolabeled Monoclonal Antibodies in Thrombotic Diseases Wu, G; Li, F.; Li, P.; Ruan, C. Erratum 103 Original Paper Effect of Long-Term Aerobic Exercise on 129 Helium-Neon-Laser-Induced Thrombogenesis in Rat Mesenteric Arterioles and Platelet Aggregation Yamamoto, J.; Ishii, I.; Chikamori, A.; Sasaki, Y.; Nagamatsu, Y.; Morita, S.; Tsukahara, M. Anticoagulation with Nafamostat Mesilate, a 135 Synthetic Protease Inhibitor, in Hemodialysis Patients with a Bleeding Risk Matsuo, T.; Kario, K.; Nakao, K.; Yamada, T.; Matsuo, M. Coagulation, Fibrinolytic and Kallikrein Systems 142 in Neonates with Uncomplicated Sepsis and Septic Shock Roman, J.; Velasco, F.; Fernandez, F.; Fernandez, M.; Villalba, R.; Rubio, V.; Vicente, A.; Torres, A. Decreased High-Molecular Weight Fibrinogen 149 and Impaired Alpha-Chain Polymerization in Full-Term Newborns Réganon, E.; Vila, V.; Laiz, B.; Gilabert, J.; Aznar, J. Protein S and C4b-Binding Protein Levels in 159 Patients with Stroke: Implications for Protein S Regulation
doi:10.1159/000216889 fatcat:qiur6vtmqzaaxmirvi6rqh6z2i