Metal Abundances in the Hottest Known DO White Dwarf (KPD 0005+5106)

Daniel Wassermann, Klaus Werner, Thomas Rauch, Jeffrey W. Kruk, Klaus Werner, T. Rauch
We performed a new analysis of UV and optical spectra of KPD 0005+5106. We find Teff 200000 ± 20000 K, logg 6.7 ±0.3, M O.64MG and logLlL:o; 3.7. The mass fractions of the metals are in the range 0.7 4.3 times solar. This abundance pattern is probably unaffected by gravitational settling and radiative levitation, hence, its origin lies in previous evolutionary stages. We speculate about a link of KPD0005+5106 to the RCrB stars and its possible outcome of a double-degenerate merger event.
doi:10.1063/1.3527782 fatcat:nqsb7t76zngermpw3oj3pugrwe