Soil moisture controlled the variability of air temperature and oasis effect in a large inland basin in arid region [post]

Xingming Hao, Haochao Hao, Jingjing Zhang
2020 unpublished
Soil moisture plays a significant role in land-atmosphere interactions. Changing fractions of latent and sensible heat fluxes caused by soil moisture variations can affect near-surface air temperature, thus influencing the cooling effect of the oasis in arid regions. In this study, the framework for the evaporative fraction (EF) dependence on soil moisture is used to analyze the impacts of soil moisture variation on near-surface air temperature and the oasis effect. The results showed that the
more » ... ts showed that the contribution rate of soil moisture to EF was significantly higher than that of EF to temperature. Under the interaction of temperature sensitivity to EF and EF to soil moisture, the [?]T/[?] presented a similar tempo-spatial variation with both of the above. It
doi:10.22541/au.160509643.34972438/v1 fatcat:jr6k4sksfbcjpiz64hxo7fe6rq