Virtual Synchronous Generator, a Comprehensive Overview

Wenju Sang, Wenyong Guo, Shaotao Dai, Chenyu Tian, Suhang Yu, Yuping Teng
2022 Energies  
Renewable energy sources (RESs) are generally connected to the grid through power electronic interfaces, which generate electrical power instantaneously with little inertia. With the increasing penetration of RESs, the grid will gradually develop into a low inertia and underdamped power system, which results in serious grid frequency stabilization problems. The virtual synchronous generator (VSG) is an emerging technology that mimics the operation characteristics of traditional synchronous
more » ... ators (SGs). Virtual inertia and damping are therefore introduced, which help to stabilize grid frequency. This paper gives a comprehensive overview of the VSG. The basic operation principle of VSG is introduced and analyzed in depth. The key issues related to VSG are summarized and discussed, including hardware configuration, software control strategies, energy supporting methods, and typical applications.
doi:10.3390/en15176148 fatcat:2lovwb3jrjct7o6t6eei2ybvxq