Space Energy [chapter]

Mikhail Ja.
2012 Energy Conservation  
Space Energy 5 tubes electromagnetic waves can have superluminal propagation. The effects of superluminal propagation of laser electromagnetic pulses were open and studied in 60-s in academician N.G. Basov's laboratory [16, 17] . Measured isolated pulses propagation was 6-9fold light speed in vacuum. In experiment [18] recorded pulse propagation in inverse populated cesium vapor was 310-fold light speed in vacuum. During last 20 years such type experiments [19] [20] [21] as well as experiments
more » ... n superluminal tunneling [22] [23] [24] [25] also registered a notable excess of vacuum light speed. Superluminal propagation of centimeter radio waves recorded in [26] and discussed in [27, 28] . Review [29] attempts to explain the specified effects from the standard physical theory. However some published experimental results are rather difficult to interpret in such a way. Some last empirical data on superluminal effects in hot hollow metal tube are presented in [30] [31] [32] [33] . The mentioned experimental facts of superluminal propagation of electromagnetic waves and isolated pulses have a principle meaning under building adequate natural physical theories. Causality. One of the fundamental tenets of modern physics is the sacred causality principle stating that no signal can be transmitted faster than light c. It is confirmed that at speeds higher than c events sequence becomes inverse, the events band allegedly rolls back. However this widely spread misunderstanding itself rest on a postulate that light speed is a maximum possible velocity of interactions propagation. Invalidity of such a statement about violation of the Principle of Causality can be easily shown by the following example. We consider another similar postulate ("sonic postulate") stating that sound speed in a free atmosphere space is a maximum possible velocity of interactions propagation. Then supersonic propagation will naturally violate sonic principle of causality. An unambiguous conclusion: superluminal propagation like supersonic one does not violate the principle of causality. God particles. Rather full analysis of the question about Cosmic Energy is impossible without regarding links with a fundamental question about the God Particle existence -Higgs boson [34] responsible (as someone thinks) for birth of baryon matter mass. Due to careful last year's experiments at the Tevatrone and Large Hadron Collider this question now is close to its objective decision. "To be or not to be" of the Higgs boson -leading world physics forums solve today [35] [36] [37] . Still we have no positive answer for this question, and a possible creation of theoretic physics models are under consideration beyond standard model limits [38] (e.g. models of extra dimension, super symmetry, top quark physics, etc.). However alongside with the mentioned up-and-coming directions one should not forget about classic physics models up to limits of ditto time standardized models. Here the typical example may be the Hidden Mass Boson (HMB) [39, 40] , which also as the Higgs boson might take itself the responsibility for the baryon matter birth. The chapter materials offered to the Reader is entirely based on the traditional classic physics. We show the Cosmic Space contains gaseous medium of HMBs with temperature T=2.725 K and study in detail this medium. The Space Energy presents in our case the kinetic Energy Conservation 6 energy of HMB particles. We demonstrate the Grand Unified Theory of electromagnetics, week and strong interactions, electrovalence linkages and antimatter. As additional experimental confirmations we use the Hooke law, the Dulong-Petit law, the thermal expansion law and oth.
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