Cumhur OLCAR-
2020 the Journal of Academic Social Sciences  
Zonguldak coalmine is one of the significant and historical industrial regions of Turkey, which is home to an abundance of untouched coal reserve. Unfortunately today, coal reserve in Zonguldak is not enough to support all contributing parts of city's complex lifecycle. When designing a master plan for such a city, the most important consideration is how this constructed industrial area will potentially affect the central cycles of the land and waterfront. Outside of maintaining the civic
more » ... ing the civic integrity of the land, its circulation and density, the idea is for the centre of Zonguldak to function as a design model, demonstrating that a new future for constructed civic and independence environment without industrial trace is possible. The aim for independent city centre is to successfully replace its old industrial area with the design of waterfront and insider area in order to create a property that is more valuable than the sum of industrial parts and aged and nonfunctional central parts. Especially if waterfront design has attached to central parts by considering relationship with each other, usage of waterfront might be classified as an independent design rather than previous design. By doing this it will set a new precedent for future architects and urban planners, one which places an independent value in identity that is to be sustainable and conscientiously developed.
doi:10.29228/asos.43340 fatcat:72lz5bqllfe4tn6pjdawpxikkm