Effect of Drying Time on Electrochemical Properties of Li1.2Mn0.54Ni0.13Co0.13O2 Cathode Material

Changkun Song
2019 International Journal of Electrochemical Science  
Li-rich layered cathode materials were synthesized by the sol-gel method with acetate and citric acid. The effect of drying time on the structure, morphology and electrochemical properties of the prepared material were carefully studied with X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), cyclic voltammetry (CV), electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and electrochemical characterization. The results show that the Li1.2Mn0.54Ni0.13Co0.13O2 sample had a uniform particle size
more » ... orm particle size distribution and outstanding electrochemical performance at 24 h drying time. It delivered the largest initial discharge capacity of 262.5 mAh/g and coulombic efficiency of 77.66% at 0.1 C. Furthermore, it showed a high discharge capacity of 200.1 mAh/g and 158.9 mAh/g at 0.5 C and 2 C and a capacity retention of 80.46% and 84.14% after 100 cycles, respectively.
doi:10.20964/2019.03.20 fatcat:b2q4u2eu2rgajoqg26nitcnnxm