Being data-driven is not enough: Revisiting interactive instruction giving as a challenge for NLG

Sina Zarrieß, David Schlangen
2018 Proceedings of the Workshop on NLG for Human–Robot Interaction   unpublished
Modeling traditional NLG tasks with datadriven techniques has been a major focus of research in NLG in the past decade. We argue that existing modeling techniques are mostly tailored to textual data and are not sufficient to make NLG technology meet the requirements of agents which target fluid interaction and collaboration in the real world. We revisit interactive instruction giving as a challenge for datadriven NLG and, based on insights from previous GIVE challenges, propose that instruction
more » ... se that instruction giving should be addressed in a setting that involves visual grounding and spoken language. These basic design decisions will require NLG frameworks that are capable of monitoring their environment as well as timing and revising their verbal output. We believe that these are core capabilities for making NLG technology transferrable to interactive systems.
doi:10.18653/v1/w18-6906 fatcat:s6mzits4xnglbabnf2ew6a4bnq