Description of the immature stages of Stenocrates agricola Dechambre & Hardy (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae: Cyclocephalini) with redescription of the adult and discussion of its tribal position

2020 Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências  
The enigmatic genus Stenocrates Burmeister has 52 species that are widely distributed from Mexico to Argentina, but mainly in South America. In the present study, the larva of the third instar and pupa of Stenocrates agricola Dechambre & Hardy, 2004 are described and illustrated based on specimens from Argentina, this being the first description of immatures for the genus. The adult is also redescribed, significantly expanding the number of characters and providing information on the natural
more » ... n on the natural history of this species. In addition, 28 species of Cyclocephalini and 20 species of Pentodontini are morphologically compared, emphasizing the most useful larval characters used among these beetles. Stenocrates agricola shows frequent and common characters of Pentodontini species but scarce (and even absent) characters typical of Cyclocephalini species, including some considered diagnostic for this tribe. Accordingly we consider that the tribal position of Stenocrates remains controversial and more study is needed to clarify the tribal status of Stenocrates. We believe that larval morphology provides important information in systematics studies that can clarify tribal relationships within the Dynastinae.
doi:10.1590/0001-3765202020190967 pmid:33111820 fatcat:lqwsbn5pevgrfehpq2z2yod24a