Загальна Характеристика Морально-Психологічних Якостей Особистості Насильницького Злочинця

А. В. Танько
2018 Zenodo  
The article deals with the problem of characteristics of moral and psychological qualities of the violent criminal's personality. An analysis of reporting forms of the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine was made. It was stressed that the statistics on persons convicted of a crime are somewhat limited in relation to criminologically significant features of the criminal's personality, in particular, his or her moral and psychological qualities. In order to identify the criminological
more » ... iminological indicators as characteristics of the offender's personality, in particular his or her moral and psychological characteristics, materials of 300 criminal proceedings from almost all Ukrainian regions were considered. Their analysis allowed to give a description of the moral and psychological qualities of the violent criminal's personality. It was stressed that these personality traits include personality orientation, moral qualities, knowledge, skills, habits, level of personal culture. In addition, the psychological structure of the personality includes individual peculiarities of separate mental processes (memory, thinking, emotions, will), as well as temperament, sometimes pathological changes in psychics. It was emphasized that a significant part of defects of moral and psychological qualities of a violent crime are based on the individual formation specifics in conditions of family education, disadvantages and extremes of education prevent the normal socialization of the individual, form the stereotypes of disrespectfulness and aggressiveness in interpersonal relationships, ignoring the interests of surrounding. The most typical negative features of the offender's personality were characterized: unbalance, inflexibility, non-compliance, aggressiveness, conflict, cruelty, cynicism, anger and others. The data of psychiatric examination results which testify that a person who is prone to emotional, neurosis-like behavioral disorders, suffer from chronic alcoholism can commit threats or violence, were provided.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1319816 fatcat:qyvyazc4j5eqvixp6btbipzcn4