Study of pathological changes of kidney associated with some diseases in broilers

M. Z. Mahmood, H. Kh. Ismail
2011 Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences  
Seventy kidney samples of broiler chickens 3-6 weeks old were collected from private chicken farms in Mosul province, used to study gross and histopathological changes in the kidneys. The most prominent gross pathological changes were variable ranging from swelling and congestion of kidney with petechial hemorrhage on the cortex to swelling and congestion w while other cases of kidney appears pale and small in size. Histopathological changes of the kidneys were characterized by acute tubular
more » ... by acute tubular nephrosis leading to necrosis and desquamation of epithelial lining the renal tubules degeneration of the epithelial cell of renal tubules to diffuse degeneration of the epithelial cells of renal tubules leading to necrosis and desquamation of epithelial cells. Additionally there is infiltration of inflammatory cells (Lymphocytes) in the interstitial tissue of the kidney. In other samples the histological changes appears as proliferation in the mesengial cell of glomeruli with sever hemorrhage in the interstitial tissue. Also there is hyaline degeneration in the renal glomeruli. Moreover visceral gout was seen in some samples of kidney characterized by deposition of urates as clefts in the lumen of renal tubules with infiltration of inflammatory cells especially foreign body giant cell and macrophages in addition to congestion of blood vessels and hemorrhage in the interstitial tissue. From the result of the present study it was concluded that renal pathological changes occurred in broiler chicken associated with many diseases.
doi:10.33899/ijvs.2011.5709 fatcat:ubnr66dsorhcjfmlnodl3u63mm