Anisotrope Lochspindynamik in GaAs/AlAs-Quantentrogstrukturen

Christian Gradl
In this thesis the hole spin dynamics have been investigated in GaAs/AlAs quantum well structures at very low temperatures. The main focus was the analysis of the special properties of the hole g tensor. The g tensor determines the precession frecquency as well as the precession axis of a hole spin in an applied magnetic field and was obtained using time resolved Kerr rotation measurements for different growth directions. Here, a highly anisotropic behaviour could be observed, especially for
more » ... , especially for low-symmetry growth directions. This anisotropy could be attributed to an asymmetric hole g tensor using a special quantitative method of analysis.
doi:10.5283/epub.36535 fatcat:4ornejhtcjc5lf3whqio2p6gee