Štúdium vplyvu etyléndiamínu na nameranú 1 H NMR rezonančnú čiaru klinoptilolitu z Nižného Hrabovca

Stanislava Nagyová
2001 Acta Montanistica Slovaca Ročník   unpublished
Influence of ethylenediamine on the experimental 1 H NMR resonance line of clinoptilolite from Nižný Hrabovec Materials prepared on the basis of natural and synthetic zeolites are an object of interest in many industrial fields. They show remarkable, often new qualities with wide practical applications. Copper forms of clinoptilolite with ethylenediamine content are studied in this paper. The aim of the study is to verify the presence of ethylenediamine in the samples and to find out how it is
more » ... ound within the channels. For this reason, three different samples of clinoptilolite were measured by the nuclear magnetic resonance method. The first sample was a pure clinoptilolit, the second was the clinoptilolite with Cu (II) cations and the third sample was the clinoptilolite with Cu (II) cations and ethylenediamine. The measurements confirmed the difference between the samples and they also showed that the ethylenediamine in the channels is not distributed homogeneously. It is located in clusters which fact is in coincidence with expectations. Nevertheless, as for a chemical bond between the ethylenediamine and the channel system, the NMR experiments do not provide satisfactory information.