Threshold Alarm Algorithm for in-Patient Monitoring System

Pushpa G, PES University
2020 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
As the Machinery Science is advancing and data is growing in medical domain, requires vital increasing demands for rapid changes in supervising patients in hospital, as well as for observing in-patients in hospital. CCTv's, sensors and devices connected to Wi-fi may collect the patient daily routine activities for entire day. The sensors gather and exhibits patient's raw conditions which enables the detector system catching the validated information to avoid life-threatening situations of
more » ... ts. In this work we present a Threshold Alarm Algorithm to suppress false alarms rates and number of alarms for specific purpose for critical situations for In-patient supervising system which can be set up in the hospital special ward, where the present system uses physical system and application level behavioral information conditions along with previous health details of the related patients. This proposed has been tested by considering a five special wards of fifteen in number with 3 patients in each ward along variant diseases and behavioral conditions. The outcomes are quite inspiring and it has been error tolerant up to 85% by reducing false alarm rates and number of alarms by deploying generic super alarm for multipurpose.
doi:10.17577/ijertv9is060430 fatcat:apn3eowm5fezbkr5iamgzt7iky