International Journal for Advanced Review and Research in Pharmacy (IJARRP) Corresponding Author: Formulation and Evaluation of Controlled Release Matrix Tablets of Ciprofloxacin by Using Natural Polymer

Pratap, Pratap, Surya Prakash Reddy, Rishi Kumar Reddy D, Chaitanya Kumar
Oral drug delivery has been known for decades as the most widely utilized route of administered among all the routes that have been employed for the systemic delivery of drug via various pharmaceutical products of different dosage forms. The reasons that the oral route achieved such popularity may be in part attributed to its case of administration and the belief that oral administration of the drug is well absorbed. All the pharmaceutical products formulated for systemic delivery via the oral
more » ... ivery via the oral route of administration irrespective of the mode of delivery (immediate, sustained or controlled release) and the design of dosage forms (either solid dispersion or liquid), must be developed within the intrinsic characteristics of GI physiology, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and formulation design is essential to achieve a systemic approach to the successful development of an oral pharmaceutical dosage form.