Nucleon effective E-mass in neutron-rich matter from the Migdal–Luttinger jump

Bao-Jun Cai, Bao-An Li
2016 Physics Letters B  
The well-known Migdal-Luttinger theorem states that the jump of the single-nucleon momentum distribution at the Fermi surface is equal to the inverse of the nucleon effective E-mass. Recent experiments studying short-range correlations (SRC) in nuclei using electron-nucleus scatterings at the Jefferson National Laboratory (JLAB) together with model calculations constrained significantly the Migdal-Luttinger jump at saturation density of nuclear matter. We show that the corresponding nucleon
more » ... ctive E-mass is consequently constrained to M_0^∗,E/M≈2.22±0.35 in symmetric nuclear matter (SNM) and the E-mass of neutrons is smaller than that of protons in neutron-rich matter. Moreover, the average depletion of the nucleon Fermi sea increases (decreases) approximately linearly with the isospin asymmetry δ according to κ_p/n≈ 0.21±0.06 ± (0.19±0.08)δ for protons (neutrons). These results will help improve our knowledge about the space-time non-locality of the single-nucleon potential in neutron-rich nucleonic matter useful in both nuclear physics and astrophysics.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2016.03.059 fatcat:wkipcj2yajgz7bqnk3bfhu74dq