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1876 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
March 4, 1876.] THE BRITISH MEDICAL OURNAL. 305 the average rate in the gregate of the eighteen towns; in other words, the death-rate in SalfordX exceeded by 25 per cent. the average rate in the eighteen towns. Among these eighteen towns, the death. rate during 1875 ranged from 19.5 in Portsmouth to 29.6 in Oldham, which was the nearest approach to the excessive rate in Salford. Not only was the death-rate in Salford in 1875 considerably higher than that in any other of the eighteen large
more » ... ighteen large English towns, but showed a further increase upon the rate in recent years; the death-rate in the borough, which in the three years 1872-3-4 has been 25.8, 29.3, and 29.6, further rose, as before stated, to 31.5 last year. The death-rate from the seven principal zymotic diseases in i875 averaged 4.4 per i,ooo in the eighteen towns, and ranged in the several towns from 3.o and 3.3 in Portsmouth and Wolverhampton, to 6.2 and 7.2 in Leicester and Salford. The zymotic rate in Salford exceeded the average rate in the eighteen towns by 64 per cent. The death-rate from these seven diseases in Salford has been successively during the past four years
doi:10.1136/bmj.1.792.305 fatcat:ci4mthnd75bltk4g4nqcxqdila