J. Alston Moffat
1892 Canadian Entomologist  
As an illustration of how insects will at times survive what seem to be the most unfavourable conditions, I may state that in October last there was given to me a chrysalid of the Tomato Sphinx,P. quinquemaculatus, Harris. Having no convenience for keeping it in a natural condition, I took a bit of cotton batting and made a bed for it on the bottom of my hatchery, which is a paste-board box with a gauze cover. The location of the box is on top of a high book-case, hence it gets the full benefit
more » ... of the heat of the room during winter, which was sufficient to mature some Platysamias by the 10th of April.
doi:10.4039/ent24237-9 fatcat:qxy7i22wbzhc3aqe3iymih5kyu