Consumer Interest Tracking and Data Acquisition System

Rahul G, Vaseem Khan.B
2016 International Journal Of Engineering And Computer Science  
In the modern world, growth is a factor every company seeks for, And Growth is determined by the amount of revenue they generate, the number of consumers they satisfy etc. For product based companies, achieving Greater number of sales is their key objective. And it achieved by understanding customers' requirements, employing various marketing strategy, carrying out relevant analysis, advertisement etc., and all of these factors pose a great challenge for every enterprise and companies around
more » ... world, but foremost understanding the customers interest is the greatest challenge of all. Every time we step into a mall or Exhibition, It is the natural tendency of a person to spend more time with the object that meets their interest, but till now we have never kept the track of the interaction between the consumers and product with respect to time. In our project, with the help of wireless communication & ubiquitous sensors such as RFID and proper GUI, we are developing a consumer interest tracking device which is capable of gathering valuable information regarding time spent by an individual at various stores, Products in an exhibition or shopping mall. Based on the information collected we determine the interest of consumer, which in turn help the company to manufacture better products, take smarter decisions and ensure a safer future for the enterprise. The information gathered is made available for real-time monitoring, or can be stored for future analysis
doi:10.18535/ijecs/v5i6.04 fatcat:vidk2gc2mnhzrkkr63ohnjucn4