Recent Progress in Ophthalmology

1908 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
than the finger tip, which is so intimately associated with the nerves of the position-sense and the adjacent motor and sensory nerves that lesions affecting it change the normal adjustments of the shoulder motions to scapulo-humeral spasm and pain in associated sensory nerve paths. Much work has been done the past year calling attention to the connection between affections of the accessory sinuses and diseases of the eye and orbit. Birch-Hirschfeld ' has collected 684 cases of orbital
more » ... of orbital inflammation, of which 409 (cir. 60%) depended on inflammations in neighboring cavities, and this percentage is not too high, as the sinuses were not investigated in every case. Of these, frontal sinus accounted for 30%, antrum 22%, ethmoid 20%, sphenoid 6%, while in 15% more than one sinus was involved.
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