Comprehensive Survey of IoT, Machine Learning, and Blockchain for Health Care Applications: A Topical Assessment for Pandemic Preparedness, Challenges, and Solutions

Muhammad Imran, Umar Zaman, Imran, Junaid Imtiaz, Muhammad Fayaz, Jeonghwan Gwak
2021 Electronics  
Internet of Things (IoT) communication technologies have brought immense revolutions in various domains, especially in health monitoring systems. Machine learning techniques coupled with advanced artificial intelligence techniques detect patterns associated with diseases and health conditions. Presently, the scientific community is focused on enhancing IoT-enabled applications by integrating blockchain technology with machine learning models to benefit medical report management, drug
more » ... y, tracking infectious diseases, etc. To date, contemporary state-of-the-art techniques have presented various efforts on the adaptability of blockchain and machine learning in IoT applications; however, there exist various essential aspects that must also be incorporated to achieve more robust performance. This study presents a comprehensive survey of emerging IoT technologies, machine learning, and blockchain for healthcare applications. The reviewed articles comprise a plethora of research articles published in the web of science. The analysis is focused on research articles related to keywords such as 'machine learning', blockchain, 'Internet of Things or IoT', and keywords conjoined with 'healthcare' and 'health application' in six famous publisher databases, namely IEEEXplore, Nature, ScienceDirect, MDPI, SpringerLink, and Google Scholar. We selected and reviewed 263 articles in total. The topical survey of the contemporary IoT-based models is presented in healthcare domains in three steps. Firstly, a detailed analysis of healthcare applications of IoT, blockchain, and machine learning demonstrates the importance of the discussed fields. Secondly, the adaptation mechanism of machine learning and blockchain in IoT for healthcare applications are discussed to delineate the scope of the mentioned techniques in IoT domains. Finally, the challenges and issues of healthcare applications based on machine learning, blockchain, and IoT are discussed. The presented future directions in this domain can significantly help the scholarly community determine research gaps to address.
doi:10.3390/electronics10202501 fatcat:dch746un2vg6jkcycas5r3gnfy