A New Variety 'Jinsang' with Lodging Tolerant and Low Amylose Content

Woo Ju Hong, Min-Young Yoon, Won-Hee Ra, Jae-Wan Park, Sun-Kyung Min, Soon-Wook Kwon, Yoo-Hyun Cho, Yong-Jin Park
2014 Korean Journal of Breeding Science  
Jinsang' is a new japonica rice variety was derived from a cross between 'Yumetsukushi' as a high grain quality and 'Milky queen' with low amylose content and good eating quality in 2000, and selected by pedigree breeding method until M8 generation. As a result, a promising line, JCH33M-15-1-9-1-5-1-1-1, was advanced and designated as the name of 'HJ-2' in 2009. This variety has about 111 days to heading after sowing and has 75.2 cm culm height. Milled rice of that shows dull and medium short
more » ... ain and 1,000-grain weight was about 20.9 g. It has low amylose content of 11.9% and lower protein content of 6.8%. The yield potential of 'Jinsang' in brown rice was about 4.57 MT/ha by ordinary culture in replicated yield trial test.
doi:10.9787/kjbs.2014.46.1.103 fatcat:msbl23by6zfefc75myq4utvvxe