Transfer Function Models for Multidimensional Systems with Bounded spatial Domains

R. Rabenstein
1999 Mathematical and Computer Modelling of Dynamical Systems  
Multidimensional MD systems describe relations between signals depending on two or more independent v ariables. They are also called distributed parameter systems, if the independent v ariables are time and space. The only conventional models for their description are partial di erential equations. This is in contrast to onedimensional lumped parameter systems, where a variety of di erent models including transfer functions is used. This paper extends the concept of transfer function models to
more » ... function models to multidimensional systems with bounded spatial domains, i.e. systems which can be described as initial-boundary-value problems. These transfer function models are useful for system analysis and as a starting point for the derivation of numerically e cient discrete simulation models.
doi:10.1076/mcmd. fatcat:ipjwacsdyjg6pk6xfzhbnnkurm