Medical Research: Guarding Against Premature Birth

W. Roush
1996 Science  
The epidemic of baby-blinding retinopathy of prematurity continues because of several blatantly rigged clinical trials. Misled neonatologists withhold life-saving breathing help from premature babies because of one eugenics-inspired fraudulent study from fifty years ago that was never replicated but was used to disguise an euthanasia program designed to eliminate preemies with a wrongly postulated "genetic" blinding defect. Their so contaminated doctrine prevents them from acknowledging the
more » ... cause of the blinding which is the lighting that they have specified for the intensive-care nursery. The mandated fluorescent lighting concentrates much of its energy in the most eye-damaging wavelength region and thereby creates a steady stream of preemie customers who need expensive patch-up treatments. The efforts to deny this embarrassing reality have led to further rigged studies that mocked science and abused patients. None of the bioethicists informed about these unethical practices spoke out against them; and the relevant medical U.S. government agencies have helped with the cover-up. The continuing longevity of the baby-blinding research frauds exposes the myth of the often-touted mechanism of self-correction in science and confirms the reality of strong error-preserving factors in the medical culture that undermine the credibility of all clinical research reports.
doi:10.1126/science.271.5246.139b pmid:8539610 fatcat:6jynl3ldt5ezhkciz5xlvwwdfi