The social inequity across the smoking social costs

2019 Ageing Science & Mental Health Studies  
Tobacco consumption is a demonstrated cause of growing in morbidity and mortality between smokers. Because of that it influence hardly since the social and the economic context because of smoking social costs. Consequently these costs are determining a particular inequity according to the smoking impact. Objective: To describe the main economics characteristics that identify to smoking like inequity cause. Materials and methods was made a descriptive research about the main characteristics that
more » ... haracteristics that identify to smoking as social inequity cause. Were utilized the inductive deductive like theoretical method and like empiric was utilized the bibliographic research. Results: The inequity attributable to smoking is given by the social cost attributable to it. The direct cots by morbidity determine a socio epidemiologic inequity while the indirect cost by labor productivity loses condition a socio labor inequity. Both costs are determining a contextualized form of socioeconomic inequity. Conclusion: The economic burden attributable to smoking is a main measurer for the socioeconomic inequity attributable to smoking. The indirect costs attributable to smoking are given mainly by labor productivity lose attributable to smoking. In these cases the labor time lose in each context is a main measurer for the social inequity attributable to smoking by this way.
doi:10.31038/asmhs.2019355 fatcat:utwk7jyganhithwu2qjsep5m3i