Thermal Hydraulic Evaluation of a proposed annular Fuel for VVER1000 Reactor

Hassan A, El-Sheikh M.
2018 Journal of Nuclear Technology in Applied Science  
Thorium based fuel is a promising fuel as it reduces the radiation protection cost of safety and improves the fuel performance with high burnup capability. In this paper the core of VVER-1000 nuclear reactor is designed with (Th 0.9 U 0.1 ) O 2 annular fuel rod for internally and externally cooled (dual cooled) fuel. Thermal performance of the present case is analyzed using ANSYS CFD code. Equivalent cell including a fuel rod and its surrounding coolant within a hexagonal assembly in the hot
more » ... embly in the hot channel is simulated to get the maximum fuel temperature and maximum clad temperature. The results are compared with the calculated results obtained for the conventional UO 2 fuel rod. Critical Heat Flux (CHF) and minimum DNBR are obtained and validated. The results indicated that the maximum fuel temperature of (Th 0.9 U 0.1 ) O 2 annular fuel is lower than that of the UO 2 fuel by about 530 o K. Lower maximum temperature and flatten temperature distribution in the thorium-based annular fuel rod provides more thermal safety margin in the reactor. olyptical Characteristics Of Cake Fortified By Irradiated Broccoli (Brassica Oleracea L.Var Italica) Powder ( 15 ) ABSTRACT l and Organolyptical Characteristics Of Cake Fortified By oli (Brassica Oleracea L.Var Italica) Powder
doi:10.21608/jntas.2018.10198 fatcat:igvqitvx7zgyjgbhpg2w4ifigu