Acid cleavable PEG-lipids for applications in a ternary gene delivery vector

John B. Wong, Stephanie Grosse, Alethea B. Tabor, Stephen L. Hart, Helen C. Hailes
2008 Molecular Biosystems  
A novel class of pH-sensitive PEG lipids bearing acid-cleavable acetal linkages and short PEG chains have been synthesised and used in ternary vector formulations. The cleavage pH was influenced by structural components including the terminal PEG moiety and spacer length. Fig. 1 LID vector components. 1EH w This article is part of a Molecular BioSystems 'Emerging Investigators' issue highlighting the work of outstanding young scientists at the chemical-and systems-biology interfaces. z
more » ... erfaces. z Electronic supplementary information (ESI) available: Performance of lipids 19-25 compared to Lipofectint (1 and 2) in lipopolyplex formulations for 16HBE14o-, bEND.3 or PVSMCs cell lines. See
doi:10.1039/b719782a pmid:18493650 fatcat:6i5rsz3isfavlof5szld6o5may