Micro strip Antenna with CPW Fed U-Shaped Cut-off and Circular Slot For Wireless Application

Dwarika Kumar, Anita Chopra
2017 International Journal of Scientific Research Engineering & Technology (IJSRET)   unpublished
In this research paper we have designed CPW feed microstrip antenna with circular slot and U-shaped cut on the rectangular patch to operate on resonant frequency is 1.9 GHz. These types of antennas are of tremendous proficiency, robust in a design and easy to assemble. The interesting and attractive features like transfer of data wirelessly, versatility of converting its designs into any geometrical shapes and compact sizes have elevated their requirementhugely. Patch elements are placed are
more » ... s are placed are FR4 epoxy substrate of relative permittivity 4.4 kept at in height of 1.6mm. Simulation results are presented using HFSS version 13.0. a return loss measures-24 𝑑𝐵, antenna gives the impedance bandwidth of 45%, VSWR observed is 1.15 the gain proposed and is 1.55𝑑𝐵at centre frequency of 1.9GHz.