The Sad-Iron as a Disinfector

K. Svehla
1910 Scientific American  
the passenger engine. At the leading end is a two wheeled truck. Then the low-pressure cylinders, 38 inches by 34 inches, turning eight, coupled, wheels. Next, the high-pressure cylinders, 26 inches by 34 inches; then another group of eight, coupled, wheels; and, lastly, a trailing pair under the firebox. The total weight of engine and tender is 350 American or 312.5 English tons. The tender is similar to that of the passenger engine. The freight engine alone weighs 207 English tons, leaving
more » ... sh tons, leaving that of the tender 105 tons. Confining our attention to this gigantic machine, we bave twenty wheels, each pair carrying an average of 20.7 tons. No doubt, the weight being unequally dis tributed, some of the axles represent over 25 tons. The working pressure is 220 pounds. The so-called boiler is a very peculiar structure.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican03191910-186asupp fatcat:hlfmisopgbgjrogjcohzkp3mpy