Progression in large Age-gap face verification

Neha Rahman, Ankit Chaora
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
Human face verification is an important topic in computer vision, imaging and multimedia as it defines the uniqueness and conveys ones identity. Recognition of face or identity is required to access the rendered services by the licit person only. Applications include access to computer system, ATMs, laptops, mobile phones etc. Verification accuracy might get failed if it encounters any of the factors listed as variation in face pose, facial expression, illumination and aging. This survey paper
more » ... This survey paper presents panoramic view of progression in face recognition right from the conventional methods to the most advanced technologies (i.e. Deep neural network). Applications in different field such as security, machine recognition of faces in non law enforcements (like passports, photo IDs, driving licenses) has been mentioned. It also showcases the framework (parameters, techniques, database, machine learning techniques etc)