The SARAF-LINAC Project 2018 Status

Nicolas Pichoff, Dan Berkovits, Didier Chirpaz-Cerbat, Robin Cubizolles, Marco Di Giacomo, Jonathan Dumas, Romuald Duperrier, Guillaume Ferrand, Bernard Gastineau, Philippe Gastinel, Francoise Gougnaud, Marcel Jacquemet (+11 others)
SNRC and CEA collaborate to the upgrade of the SARAF accelerator to 5 mA CW 40 MeV deuteron and proton beams (Phase 2). CEA is in charge of the design, construction and commissioning of the MEBT line and the superconducting linac (SARAF-LINAC Project). The prototypes of the 176 MHz NC rebuncher, SC cavities, RF coupler and SC Solenoid-Package are under construction and their test stands construction or adaptation is in progress at Saclay. Meanwhile, the cryomodules and the global system just
more » ... obal system just passed their Critical Design Reviews. This paper presents the status of the SARAF-LINAC Project at April 2018.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ipac2018-tupak015 fatcat:f3wai5fjtbho3hbqnb737rcdvy