Single Crystal Perovskites Analyzed Using X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy: 2. YAlO3(110)

Richard T. Haasch, Eric Breckenfeld, Lane W. Martin
2014 Surface Science Spectra  
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) was used to analyze a commercially available YAlO 3 (110) bulk single crystal. XP spectra were obtained using incident monochromatic Al K a radiation at 0.83401 nm. A survey spectrum together with O 1s, Y 2p, C 1s, Y 3d, Al 2p, Y 4p, and O 2s core level spectra and the valence band are presented. The spectra indicate the principle core level photoelectron and Auger electron signals and show only minor carbon contamination. Making use of the O 1s, Y 3d, Al
more » ... p lines and neglecting the components related to surface contaminants, XPS quantitative analysis reveals an altered stoichiometry of the air-exposed crystal surface of YAl 1.06 O 2.48 .
doi:10.1116/11.20140902 fatcat:tfk5f35lmza7bd7cudpcqv5hxm