The relationship between irony and sarcasm: Insights from a first-order metalanguage investigation

Charlotte Taylor
2017 Journal of Politeness Research  
AbstractThe relationship between irony and sarcasm has been much discussed and yet there is still little agreement on how the two relate at a theoretical level, as Attardo (2000: 795) notes "there is no consensus on whether irony and sarcasm are essentially the same thing [...] or if they differ significantly". The aim of this paper is to take a user-perspective and report on how participants in everyday conversations in the UK and Italy talk about irony and sarcasm and what kinds of authentic
more » ... ehaviors are described using these labels. These findings are discussed with reference to the academic concepts of irony and sarcasm to investigate how the lay and academic perspectives relate.
doi:10.1515/pr-2015-0037 fatcat:hj4wuhwl6jexth5cle7h4hrppi