Parallel numerical algorithm for simulation of a three-dimensional lid-driven cavity flow problem with the use of compact schemes

Bakhytzhan Zhumagulov, Dauren Zhakebaev, Kuanish Zhubat
2013 Applied Mathematical Sciences  
The parallel algorithm for simulation of the three-dimensional lid driven cavity flow problem with Reynolds numbers up to 10000 on a grid 128x128x128 was developed and implemented in the research. The problem is solved by numerical method where momentum equation is solved by a modified fractional step method with the use of compact scheme and pressure equation is solved by Fourier method in combination with the matrix sweep. The technique of the domain decomposition for parallelization of the
more » ... lelization of the proposed numerical method is described. In the process of computing and comparative experiment the dependency of the resulted acceleration and the coefficient of the calculation scalability on number of processors was found. Mathematics Subject Classification: 76F65
doi:10.12988/ams.2013.34222 fatcat:q67w2mcpzrgi5jqoyxjol3hmt4