Novel Two-Fold Data Aggregation and MAC Scheduling to Support Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Network

Pavani Movva, Polipalli Trinatha Rao
2019 IEEE Access  
Network lifetime maximization is the primary challenge in the wireless sensor network (WSN) due to its resource limitations. E 2 R 2 routing algorithm uses a hierarchical WSN model to minimize energy consumption in the WSN. However, it increases complexity, time consumption, and energy consumption due to the hierarchical model. To resolve these problems, this paper proposes a novel ring partitioned based MAC (RP-MAC) protocol for the energy-efficient WSN with a mobile sink node. Energy
more » ... y is achieved by the following phases: clustering phase, MAC scheduling phase, data aggregation phase, and routing phase. Clustering phase is initiated by a weighted Voronoi diagram (WVD) algorithm by assigning a weight value for each node. Energy consumption due to idle listening is minimized by enabling novel RP-MAC scheduling in each cluster. Involvement of RP-MAC protocol also achieves collision-free data transmission in the network. A two-fold data aggregation (TFDA) scheme is proposed for the data aggregation phase to minimize energy consumption by reducing the number of transmissions. Routing phase supports both intra-cluster routing and inter-cluster routing. For intra-cluster routing, a hybrid chicken swarm optimization algorithm is proposed. For inter-cluster routing, position-based routing tree is constructed based on the sink node's position. Our proposed RP-MAC protocol minimizes energy consumption in all possible ways for improving the network lifetime. Extensive simulation in ns-3 shows that the RP-MAC protocol achieves promising results in the following performance metrics: the number of dead nodes, average energy consumption, network lifetime, and throughput. INDEX TERMS Voronoi diagram, data aggregation, MAC protocol, intra-cluster routing, inter-cluster routing, mobile sink.
doi:10.1109/access.2018.2888484 fatcat:etl3wfh5prfq7nmkfli3ack67y