A Semiotic Analysis of Cuban Political Posters

Meghan Payne, Meghan Payne, Dale Cressman, Clark Callahan, Quint Randle
1959 unpublished
The Post-Revolutionary Roles of Fidel Castro: A Semiotic Analysis of Cuban Political Posters, 1959-1988 Meghan Elizabeth Payne School of Communications, BYU Master of Arts This study employs semiotic methods to identify the post-revolutionary roles of former Cuban President Fidel Castro in order to classify the transformations of his character portrayal over time. Informed by Goffman's framing theory as well as suggestions of agenda-setting and priming, this qualitative study analyzes 19
more » ... analyzes 19 propaganda posters for communications of encoded messages. In this medium, the research explores thematic patterns of sociopolitical and sociocultural signs which add to the richness of Castro's appeal. In addition to providing a unique perspective on interrogating visual images, this study offers a better understanding of the influential power of professional design and the use of semiotics in political propaganda.