The 'Macron effect' on European defence: En Marche, at last?

Andrea Frontini
2017 unpublished
The substantial victory of Emmanuel Macron and his brand-new party En Marche! open a window of opportunity for progress in the EU's Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). However, it remains unclear whether the 'Macron effect' will act as a real game-changer in this dossier. The newly elected President will need to strike a careful balance between various political forces at home. France will also continue to pursue a wide range of options regarding military engagement with partners, in
more » ... pe and beyond. Persisting 'strategic cacophony' among EU member states has greatly complicated cooperation at EU level so far. These factors suggest that continuity may prevail in Paris' approach to European defence. At the same time, sustained leadership by France, in the context of a renewed partnership with Germany and other countries, can help narrow the gap between the level of political ambition for European defence and its many shortcomings in structures, tools and capabilities.