Investigation on Applicability and Suitability of Micro Cantilever Based Biosensors for DNA Detection

Suhaib Ahmed
2017 Advances in Biotechnology & Microbiology  
Highly sensitive and selective DNA detection has attracted extensive attention for its importance in clinical diagnostics, treatment, and various genome projects. Recently there has been a flurry of activities with the use of nano particle labels to detect DNA and proteins. These detection methodologies strongly depend on the availability of a mechanism that traduce and amplify specific DNA binding events to detectable signals. One such DNA detection is technique is micro cantilever bio
more » ... tilever bio sensing. The micro cantilever biosensors are becoming popular due to their inherent ability to generate highly sensitive and quantitative measurements with low cost, portability, real time and label-free detection. The capability of the micro cantilever beams of detecting mechanical stress, mass additions and small forces offer encouraging prospects for physical and chemical sensing with high sensitivity and dynamic range. Keeping this in mind, in this paper a brief study on application and feasibility of micro cantilever based DNA detection has been presented.
doi:10.19080/aibm.2017.02.555593 fatcat:xm6t2a4trbekvewhm7yhvv7lsy