Parity-violating vertices for spin-3 gauge fields

Nicolas Boulanger, Serge Leclercq, Sandrine Cnockaert
2006 Physical Review D  
The problem of constructing consistent parity-violating interactions for spin-3 gauge fields is considered in Minkowski space. Under the assumptions of locality, Poincaré invariance and parity non-invariance, we classify all the nontrivial perturbative deformations of the abelian gauge algebra. In space-time dimensions n=3 and n=5, deformations of the free theory are obtained which make the gauge algebra non-abelian and give rise to nontrivial cubic vertices in the Lagrangian, at first order in
more » ... the deformation parameter g. At second order in g, consistency conditions are obtained which the five-dimensional vertex obeys, but which rule out the n=3 candidate. Moreover, in the five-dimensional first order deformation case, the gauge transformations are modified by a new term which involves the second de Wit--Freedman connection in a simple and suggestive way.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.73.065019 fatcat:wje37cw67rhxxa6ehiwu75uoie