Distribution of ampullary pores on three catshark species (Apristurus spp.) suggest a vertical-ambush predatory behaviour

DM Moore, ID McCarthy
2014 Aquatic Biology  
Apristurus is a genus of typically small sharks that inhabit deep waters around the globe. Relatively little is known about the feeding behaviour of these species. Here, the electrosensory biology of 3 species, A. aphyodes, A. melanoasper and A. microps, was investigated. Intra-specific variation in ampullary pore abundance was high in all species, highlighting the need for studies to examine multiple individuals. Abundance and distribution of ampullary pores on the head indicate that all 3
more » ... cate that all 3 species are vertical ambush predators.
doi:10.3354/ab00599 fatcat:2yfxolrx3fdqhdimairsg3q2gu