Cytohistological Changes of the Apoptosis Ovarian Follicles in the Puberty Mouse Ovary

Petculescu Ciochina
2012 Scientific Papers: Animal Science and Biotechnologies   unpublished
Apoptosis, as a normal physiological process is active in the ovary of all species of mammals, representing the essential factor in maintaining the homeostasis of this organ. Both steroid hormones and various other factors actively involve in this process and regulates it. This paper represents a citohistologic study of the ovary of puber mouse, comprising the morphological changes accompanying cells through apoptosis, in different types of ovarian follicles and which lead ultimately to the
more » ... timately to the establishment of bodies apoptotic and follicle atresia. The results obtained by histological analysis of ovarian tissue sections, in puber hood (28 days) shows that the apoptotic process occurs in all types of ovarian follicles, but with different intensity from one follicular stage to another and from one type of cell to another, the most critical stage being the transition to the stage of preantral follicle. From primordial follicle stage until the secundar follicle stage, a frequent cause of follicle atresia is the entry into apoptosis of the ovocyte, a process morphologically marked by the appearance of specific nucleo-cytoplasmic changes. Since preantral follicle stage until the stage, cause of atresia is the appearance of morphological changes, specific to apoptotic process first at granuloasa cells level and its subsequent expansion in oocytes and then in internal sheath cells.