Prototype Model Agent-Based Search Engine for Researchers and Scientists

Naveed Dastgir, Muhammad Naeem, Ahmed Khan, Shaheed Zulfiqar, Ali Bhutto
2012 unpublished
Now days, the Word Wide Web (WWW) covers most of the information channels across the world and is the cheapest resource to publish the corporate as well as individual information. The key advantage of WWW is that the published information instantly becomes available around the globe. Since the information load on the Internet is increasing day by day, therefore, it is causing serious troubles for the researchers and scientists to retrieve the targeted and relevant information from the huge bulk
more » ... of data. While surfing the Internet, precious time of researchers and scientists is wasted due to browsing of the irrelevant and unnecessary material. Such an approach of information retrieval results in overlooking the important contents. In this paper, we look into the elementary components of a customized search engine in order to develop an agent-based search engine tool that may help researchers and scientists to find their desired information in an efficient manner and with minimal clicks of pointer. Through this tool, the researchers and scientists will be able to find a summarized report against their search phrase along with the search details, which will provide them a solid background to their research subject based on history available on the WWW.