Quantum Encoder and Decoder for Secret Key Distribution with Check Bits

T. Godhavari, N.R. Alamelu
2013 Research Journal of Applied Sciences Engineering and Technology  
The focus of this study is to develop a novel method of encoding the qubits and use as secret key in public key cryptography. In BB 84 protocol, 50% of the random number (generated at source) is used as secret key and the remaining bits are used as "check bits". The check bits are used to detect the presence of eve as well as the nature of quantum channels. In this protocol, random qubits are encoded using different type of polarizations like horizontal, veritical and diagonal. In the proposed
more » ... uantum encoder, basic quantum gates are used to encode the random secret key along with the check bits. Quantum key distribution, (a cryptographic mechanism) relies on the inherent randomness of quantum mechanics and serves as an option to replace techniques made vulnerable by quantum computing. However, it is still subject to clever forms of eavesdropping and poses a significant challenge to implementation. To study the challenges, quantum circuits are first simulated using QCAD.
doi:10.19026/rjaset.6.3440 fatcat:dyxoq7njefbg3omy25pumgxbey