An efficient DNA extraction protocol for medicinal plants

2013 International Journal of Biosciences  
This paper communicates a simple and cost effective protocol for isolation of genomic DNA from dry parts of Berberis and Mentha. This protocol was applied to 5 species of Berberis and 4 species of Mentha collected from different locality of Kunhar Valley. In this protocol 5 M NaCl, 2% CTAB, 1% PVP and 0.1 % ß-mercaptoethanol were used and incubated at 60 0 C for 25 minutes. Pure DNA extracted by this method was found sufficient and suitable for PCR amplification and Southern blot hybridization
more » ... nalyses, which are the important steps in crop improvement programme through marker development and genetic engineering techniques.
doi:10.12692/ijb/3.7.30-35 fatcat:gvkgyje7prc2lkyffpc36lcuue